New Adventures for 2017

A goal that I am trying to achieve this year is to be accepted into a Legal Research Dissertation elective for my University studies.

As the history of this blog probably suggests, I became very interested in the intersection of law and religion. It was only natural I suppose. So, it is just as natural that my proposed thesis topic will be around law and religion, and what it means to be a Christian and engage in the public square.

The next few posts will most probably be quotes and thoughts about the reading I will do in order to prepare for my proposal, due in June. I’ve just heard it’s a good way of documenting research and practising the elusive art of putting down ideas and concepts.

If you have any suggestions about further material I should turn my mind to, please let me know.

Please enjoy this picture of a scenic mountain view. I was trying to exercise my WordPress skills, to again realise, I have close to none. It is a great view though.




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