Thoughts on reading Isaiah

Put simply: It’s a tough slog.

I watched a Bible Project video on the Book of Isaiah (I’m very obsessed with the Bible Project and I feel everyone else should be too, so please go and watch every video and listen to every podcast), and it made me think of how helpful having that big picture perspective is.

But then it also reminded me of how grateful that I wasn’t a character in Isaiah’s recollections. I didn’t have to live through the tough slog, all I have to do is read it. If I was living in that time, I would not have access to the entertaining, yet insightful, musings of Tim Mackie and Jon Collins. I would not have access to the perspective that retrospect can bring.

God’s authoring our story now. He may already have the ideas and know exactly how His masterpiece will go, but he’s authoring it all right now. So when I feel that I am in the middle of a tough slog, I will remember that someday, someone will learn from the period of time that I’m living in. Someone will see a part of my story – and perhaps not my particular story and life, per se, but the one that can be constructed from the time that I live in – and they will be able to gain some sort of beneficial perspective from it. They will learn lessons from it.

So, in the mean time – for one cannot see the scope of God’s eternity, his eternal narrative – I will celebrate the privilege it is to be used to write this particular part of it.

To author what I see my Father doing in this time.

For there will be no other time like the time he has placed me in.

So with that Lord, I will ask, Where are you working God?


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